Senior Band

Tuesday, January 3, 2017 – new listening links!

  1. Jazz & Java is 7 weeks away on February 17th! Make sure you book it off work, save the date, and make time to practice and listen to jazz (listen in your car to CBC jazz in the evenings, listen to google play or apple music/spotify/deezer/youtube jazz playlists).
  2. Anyone who attends a live jazz show and brings me proof anytime before Jazz & Java will receive an extra point on their performance assessment for Jazz & Java. Anyone who attends the Jazz Jam at the Rotary anytime this spring will get one entry with their name in a hat for a big prize (Gift Card & chocolate). **Anyone who attends Jazz Jam and brings their instrument and goes up (to play the head of a jazz standard and take a solo) will receive 2 entries to the contest for the big prize (Gift card).**
  3. The Term 3 practice video will be replaced by a video playing tests of several sections from multiple pieces of music – the sections and due date will be posted here.
  4. CLICK HERE for a professional recording of Blues & BBQ’d ribs.
  5. CLICK HERE for a professional recording of A Day in the life of a Fool
  6. CLICK HERE for a professional recording of Goodbye My Heart (ballad)
  7. CLICK HERE for a professional recording of Don’t Stop Believing (This will likely be a vocal and/or alto sax feature)

Thursday September 29th, 2016

  1. You should all have your green Standard of Excellence method book and be taking your instrument home at least twice per week to get back in shape and get your embouchure muscles built up.
  2. If you do not have a Senior Band Folder or a Purple tie, please talk to me. Ties and Folders are $20.00 each. (Jr. Band students will have their own folders and ties are the same for junior band so only need to have 1 tie and 1 folder.)
  3. Click senior-band-course-outline to download the course outline with dates, marks breakdown, expectations etc.
  4. All students with personal devices and all parents are strongly encouraged to sign up for Remind notifications for Senior Band on your mobile device so you don’t miss out on rehearsal reminders, due dates, important info, fundraising info & opportunities etc.
  5. Your first Practice Video is due Monday, October 10th – submit it via or the “wetransfer” app (or another file transfer service), sent to and type your first name & last name and “practice video #1” in the ‘message’ field. Instructions are given step-by-step in this Prezi presentation.
  6. Here is one of many versions of Schubert’s Ave Maria (latin text).
  7. Click HERE for a professional recording of Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  8. Click HERE for a professional recording of Christmas Pageant Overture
  9. Click HERE for a professional recording of Skyfall.

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