Junior Band

Updated Tuesday April 18, 2017

  1. CLICK HERE for the Band trip 2017 survey

Monday, February 6th, 2017

  1. Your playing test for Term 3 will be due February 20th at the latest. Remember, THIS IS NOT A PRACTICE VIDEO – this is a playing test sent via video.Please view the test sections, listen to the professional recordings of the songs below, practice them as best you can, and send me your BEST recording of the test section – it will be marked 5 marks each on tone, musicianship/musicality, rhythmic accuracy, and pitch accuracy. Percussion tests will be on Into the Clouds & Ancient Voices and will take place at lunch using all percussion parts.
    1. Trumpets: bars 22-27 of Ancient Voices, bars 66- 74 AND 82-87 of Into the Clouds.
    2. Clarinets: bars 6-12 of Ancient Voices, bars 20-37 of Into the Clouds. 3rd Clarinets: bars 58-66 of Into the Clouds as well.
    3. Bass Clarinet: Bars 9-17 and 84-86 of Into the Clouds
    4. Flutes: RECORDER section of Ancient Voices bars 9-18, also bars 1-9 and 44-48 of Into the Clouds
    5. Trombones: bars 58-66 and 76-86 of Into the Clouds.
    6. Basses: Bars 1-9 and 58-66 of Into the Clouds.
    7. Alto Saxes: bars 1-9 and 41-51 of Into the Clouds.
    8. Tenor Saxes: bars 1-9 and bars 76-86 of Into the Clouds.
    9. French Horns: bars 1-9 and bars 41-51 of Into the Clouds.
    10. Bells & Xylophone: bars 1-9, 17-21, and 66-74 of Into the Clouds.Send videos either via email if they are short enough or via wetransfer to band@kcschool.ca using wetransfer.com (desktop or mobile app) or another file transfer service (icloud, google drive – **GOOGLE DRIVE shares MUST be sent to connor.murdock@kelownachristian.ca**, private youtube upload then send the link, relayit, yousendit, onedrive, dropbox, etc.)
  2. CLICK HERE To hear a professional recording of “Into the Clouds”
  3. CLICK HERE to hear a professional recording of “Pathfinder”.
  4. Click HERE for a professional recording of “Ancient Voices”.
  5. Jazz Ensemble students, CLICK HERE for a professional recording of “Gospel”
  6. Jazz Ensemble students, CLICK HERE For a professional recording of “Funky See Funky Do”

Updated Friday, December 16, 2016

  1. All students should be bringing music, blue method book, pencil, and instrument to class. Label your instrument case if it is not already labelled. Leatherette folders ($20.00) are arriving next week, and purple ties if you don’t have one from last year will be available in October for purchase ($20.00).
  2. All students with personal devices and all parents are strongly encouraged to sign up for Remind notifications for Junior Band on your mobile device so you don’t miss out on knowing the weekly schedule (classes alternate from being Wed & Friday then just Thursdays in a week), due dates, important reminders, fundraising info & opportunities etc.
  3. Click HERE to download the Junior Band course outline with due dates, expectations, marks breakdowns etc.
  4. Submit practice videos via wetransfer.com or the “wetransfer” app, sent to band@kcschool.ca and type your first name & last name and “practice video #” in the ‘message’ field. Instructions are on my homepage in a Prezi presentation.
  5. Click HERE for accompaniment recordings for the Standard of Excellence Blue Book (Click on Book 2, Exercises 1-72 or Exercises 73-118)\
  6. Click HERE for a professional recording of Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  7. Click HERE for a professional recording of Ancient Voices

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