HS Musicals

1) CLICK HERE to download the sheet music for the first three songs we started working on.

2) Practice your music reading at musictheory.net – free lessons, exercises, and quizzes.

3) All of the official performance accompaniment recordings for our show (meaning there is no professional vocals to sing along to) can be listened to and/or downloaded here: https://goo.gl/mw9gn8

4) This is the Seussical on Broadway album you can get either on Apple Music or Google Play Music (free with subscription, or purchase for $10/11):

Itunes/Apple Music

Google Play Music/Android

3) Until we have our own showtracks CD audio, CLICK HERE to go to another website where you can listen to a very close version of all the songs we will do, both with professionals singing and just the accompaniment version for you to practice and memorize along with.

 We need everyone to be off-book by the 2nd week of January.

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